Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wanted ...and Found

Found this old card when it fell out of a library book. Wonder if Tessa ever got her donkey?


  1. But what heinous crime had the artists' donkey committed..? Oh - I see what I she means.. ;-)

    I like this.. just think there is something sweet about finding those odd things that get left behind, little clues, they don't lead anywhere but momentarily leave me wondering about the person. Even shopping lists occasionally!

  2. I hope she did because that's a fine looking donkey!

    I agree C. I'm always fascinated by old notes and scribbles, but especially old photographs and the people who inhabit them. Particularly those on the periphery of a photo - Unknowing of an image captured of them - Where were they off to? What happened to them an hour later? Maybe they were off to buy an Artist's Donkey?

  3. There may be more to this than first meets the eye, Watson. Perhaps a subject for a future post?

    Rob, have you ever wondered how many tourists' photos and films you may be unwittingly wandering through the background of?

  4. Absolutely!!! Perhaps I'll discover one of them one day. It's fodder for a series of prints I've wanted to do for a long time, but never settled on an execution.