Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Bit Sheepish

Ah.. the season of wooly jumpers. Alright, a complete break from footballers - here’s some sheep that graze a field not far from here: I was up there the other day and thought what a perfect subject to kick off the new year. Okay you see sheep everywhere, we take them completely for granted - little dots of cotton wool slowly working their way around a field. Are they really intrinsically comic? To me they are gentle, placid creatures happy to mind their own business and extremely restful to sit nearby and quietly observe.
These ones are Norfolk Horned - an ancient breed and apparent precursors of the Suffolk Black-Faced strain which are also popular around here -some of Suffolk’s finest medieval towns and villages were built on the back of the wool business.


  1. Oh your sheeps are lovely and v characterful, A. A sheer (sorry...) delight. Love the emphasis on the different shapes: those round bodies, (tri-)angular heads and fabulously twiggy linear legs. Look forward to seeing some additional characters here after the lambing season perhaps...?

    1. Thanks C. Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing the spring lambs and if any of them stay still long enough to be drawn, I'll put some on here.

      (Thanks as well for refraining from any mint sauce-style witticisms...)