Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Towards Abstraction

Leap Day and it feels like spring is already here. Hope this mild weather continues. In the meantime, apart from the observational drawing that still keeps me occupied there's a whole load of other stuff bubbling just beneath the surface. It seems to be dictating it's own direction and despite still being rooted in the visible world it really appears to be straining towards a more abstracted view of things...


  1. Very interesting - to my eye the colour and line work evoke a touch of Philip Guston.
    Keep on bubbling. R.

    1. Oh praise indeed you old flatterer! I haven't looked at Philip Guston for some time but I sort of see what you mean and now I don't know whether to go and look at him again...

      I quite like these things because they seem to be taking on a life of their own - I feel like I'm taking a back seat and letting the drawings make their own decisions if you see what I mean (?). It's awkward because you show them to people and they just look baffled looking for a conventional narrative. But at the same time I'm finding something intriguing and satisfying about them....

  2. I'm fascinated by these! I like the way you say "it seems to be dictating its own direction" and you're letting them "make their own decisions" - that must be SO liberating. What I find fascinating too is not so much that I want to find a conventional narrative but I want to know what you're feeling when you do them! I want to know where they come from within YOU! The 'pylon monster with a red and black sky' (just my interpretation!) looks a bit nightmareish, the ones below more joyful and lighthearted, the 'changing of the guard' a mixture of the two. Do they reflect any moods, feelings/emotions you had at the time or were they so abstract as to kind of be 'one step removed' (if you see what I mean)? And do I ask too many questions? ;-)

  3. I love these...reminds me of Max Earnst and the water tower monster or whatever.