Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Owl Service

There's no doubt that owls are special.

Catch a barn owl in your headlights and you think you've seen a ghost or an angel.

The classic owl hoot or t-wit-t-woo is the call of the tawny owl and there are few sounds more guaranteed to send a tingle down the spine.

This little sketch, a humble offering for the winter solstice, is probably a cross between the two. A tarn owl perhaps. Happy Yuletide.


  1. What an utterly enchanting little tarn owl! Now whenever I hear the t-wit-t-woo from across the road I can happily picture this little feller. Happy Yuletide t-wit-t-woo-t-you-toooooo x

  2. Why thank you C. Time to have a nice pint of Real Owl I think ....