Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Where Have All The Flutterbys Gone?

A couple of years ago, we had what can be called a real 'butterfly summer' around these parts. Never have I seen so many and of such wide variety. Everything seemed right in the world.

This year, in contrast, I've seen only a handful of Cabbage Whites and one or two Red Admirals (above). Hope this is just a seasonal blip and not a sign of anything more alarming...


  1. Brilliant pic. Love the way you've captured the delicateness against the contrasting vividness of the colour. That great shorthand of a few well chosen marks. Ooh, lovely!
    Little in the way of colourful flutterbies this year as you say but I walked up back path on Monday through what seemed like veritable clouds of cabbage whites! (Unless it was the same cluster of them just always moving a few steps ahead of me...)

  2. Thanks C. Maybe it's just the turn of the usually overlooked Cabbage White to enjoy some limelight this year. I must do a drawing of one (but first must get some coloured paper...).