Friday, 12 August 2011

One Swallow May Not Make A Summer ... But Four?

Okay, after the darkness the light. Couldn't resist sharing these little fellows with you all. A family of swallows have been returning to my garage studio for as long as I've been here. They arrive back from Africa on virtually the same day each spring and it so gladdens my heart when I hear their chattering and chirruping again. They normally raise two broods each summer. This is this year's second clutch. Once they're big enough mum and dad encourage them outside for trial flights, guiding them and showing them how to hunt for insects. In between they come back to their perch to rest - at night they return to the little mud nest to sleep. By September they will gather together with the local flock and make that incredible flight south for the winter. A really remarkable little bird and a real privilege to share my space with them.

Bill Oddie and friend.


  1. Well, they make my summer.

    Perfection. The pictures tell such a wonderful story; you do indeed have a real and rare privilege there.

    And Bill Oddie's never looked so good ;-)

  2. Ooh you flatterer C - you've quite reddened my cheeks (as our old pal W. might say...) :-)