Friday, 9 September 2011

In The Land of Grey and Pink....

Today I'm looking through the ... bay window. And what do I see? The faces below are from my local town and although they look made up they are in fact all from real life - can you recognise someone you know? Or perhaps yourself....?

And to go with: a little helping of classic English whimsy-rock for no other reason than that the girl above and the grey and pink and it all sort of you get the picture...


  1. Exquisite little sketches, A! So lively and full of character. Don't think I recognise anyone I know and rather glad not to notice myself in there either (tho' if I looked like the curvelicious lady in grey and pink I don't think I'd mind...)

  2. You do capture swinging bottoms beautifully!


  3. Ah thank you, C - surprised you didn't spot yourself there though! ( ;-) )

    And thank you for your appreciation Anon, or should I say Xxx?