Saturday, 20 March 2010

More Monkey Business...

I love drawing 'monkeys'. I've been back to the zoo this month filling up sketchbooks with 1001 ideas. This spread looks a bit messy but I think it does capture the mad energy of the crazy Chimpanzee gang at Colchester. I think I'll work these up into a print. Maybe there's even a book there. We'll see. More soon.


  1. Really enjoy seeing your sketches Andy. I love the little guy, just above "Colchester". He seems content to sit back and take in all the chaos, or perhaps he's bemused by the person sketching him...

  2. Haha thankyou Rob. They really are an extraordinary bunch and I love watching and drawing them. Trying to work out a way of making them into a proper project. We'll see...

  3. Love your work, Andy. Each piece carries such energy and emotion. May I suggest Monkey World in Dorset for all your primate/art (or primart?) needs. Founder Jim Cronin's life would make an excellent subject for a project.