Thursday, 31 December 2009

At The Turn of the Year... oldie, but it still has a certain something.

Happy New Year. X


  1. ... it certainly does!
    All the best for 2010. Can't wait for the "Heartland" print to arrive - I already have a space picked out on our wall!

  2. Happy New Year Andy and thanks for those wonderful posts in your blog! I just figured out that you have one so i read them all in one sitting. Please keep posting more in the coming year! I love the shots of Boris. What a cute little fellow. I hope to buy some prints and maybe some originals this year.

  3. Im saving my pennies in a jar to get a print, i love this image as well. My all time favourite though was the cover of the shades of Blue Ep i love that image, with the crossed chequered flags tattoo.